Meet the Hair Extensions You Have Been Searching For

In the realm of hair extensions, our 100% natural remy hair extensions are that much-longed-for hair that you thought you’d never find.  The crème de la crème.  Our silky, breathtakingly beautiful hair is available in multiple lengths and textures, with a full palette of the most gorgeous hues.  But, as amazing as all of those irresistible colors and textures are, what truly sets our extensions apart is their innovative, damage-free design and customizable method of application.  Our gentle installation process is completely free of the drawbacks of other brands:  no messy glue, no damaging heat, no harmful solvents, no difficult-to-work-with tape, no complicated strings, no braiding!  

On Stage Beaded Flat Wefts

innovative + reusable + customizable

The unique integration of threading pockets in combination with the small beads makes this weft-based hair extension system the absolute pinnacle of perfection in its segment. The Beaded Flat Wefts are strong and tough yet soft and flexible, fast to apply and easy to remove while being reusable too.

On Stage Beaded Strands

Easy to Apply, Better for the Hair

On Stage Beaded Strands are part of a brand new and innovative concept in hair extensions. Created from very small, soft individual hair strands, they are invisible whilst wearing and soft to the touch.

Installation & Removal

Hair Extensions Have Never Been Easier

In just a few steps, On Stage Hair Extensions can transform the look of your client. And removal is as easy as 1… 2… and that’s it, no step 3! Take a look at our visual guide.

Our Products

An Array of Colors + the Tools You’ll Need

On Stage is proud to offer a stunning assortment of colors ranging from regular tones to Frosted, Platinum and Gray shades. And our tools will provide what you need to apply and remove the extensions with ease.

Endless Color Choices

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On Stage Tools

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Featured Beaded Flat Weft