Can I color the hair?

We do not recommend coloring our hair. You may ask, “since it is human hair, shouldn’t you be able to color it?” Yes, it is human hair—and yes, the hair can be colored, as we have already done that. However, before a finished product reaches you, it has undergone one stage of bleaching and one stage of coloring (to unify the color); therefore, the hair is already somewhat weakened by the process. Coloring the hair again gives mixed results and can leave the hair over-processed and unmanageable. Treating our hair with any chemical makes all warranty null and void.

If you want to color the hair regardless of the aforementioned recommendations.

We do have a special series that is more suitable to use as a base for this purpose. Our “B series”—or Bleached Colors—are only bleached to their respective color tones, and they’ve not been re-colored to unify the color. This means the hair only has one chemical treatment instead of two, so you can finish the hair with the color of your choice. Always pick a color of which the base is lighter than the intended end result. In other words, always color the hair down or darker, do not bleach again.

Again, all chemical treatments (including the “B” series) make the warranty null and void.