Explore Our Hair Extensions Systems

It is impossible to damage hair using our uniquely crafted Beaded Strands and Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions.  In addition, all of our extension systems have a concealed treatment that makes the point of attachment invisible!  While other brands offer one-size-fits-all solutions, Onstage Hair Extensions are easy to customize.  With our expert cutting guide and placement plan, you can achieve a perfect, custom fit for each individual client.  These luxurious, artisan quality extensions are guaranteed to bring rave reviews.  Every time.


Our Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions have no short return hair or “beard” like traditional wefts, and they will not fall apart or lose hair after cutting.  Our training videos show you how to apply them like a pro. You’ll love how effortless it is to give your clients the long, silky, voluminous Rapunzel-like tresses that they’ve longed for.  


Our Beaded Strands Hair Extensions are fixed in place with the help of uniquely designed aluminum alloy rings. Unlike other “ring systems” our tiny micro links have rounded edges so it is impossible for them to cut or damage the natural hair.