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National Educator, Bernard Ory, Shares the Story of On Stage Hair Extensions

As a stylist, salon owner and national educator, I’m constantly researching the latest thing on the market so that I can be confident I’m still using, promoting and teaching the best product and techniques available. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen something truly innovative in the extension industry…….and that’s On Stage Hair Extensions!

I brought On Stage Hair Extensions to the United States in 2018 because I’ve never seen anything like this in over 30 years of doing hair. In addition to the amazing quality, speed of application and reusability of the hair, these hair extensions are available in both beaded strands and beaded wefts….which make them extremely versatile.

bernard ory installing custom hair extensions
learning to install hair extensions

I remember in the early beginning of my career when I thought I’d never make enough money to support a family or live the way I would want to by just cutting hair. So, I began looking at specializing and adding hair to both men and women.   It wasn’t long before hair replacement and hair extensions became two of the most profitable services I was offering as a stylist. But money isn’t everything…..

I’ve truly never felt more fulfilled than when I’ve restored a woman’s self-confidence by transforming her hair.  That client experience requires trust, and therefore I only promote techniques that are healthy and sustainable. In the early days, the reality was that our only options were heavy wigs and damaging wefts. The most popular attachment methods included braiding, knotting or glue in. None of them were ideal. They were all a little tight on the scalp and not everybody could take that extra tension.

Fast forward to the early 2000s when small sections of glued-in hair became popular.   Most of us were cutting off small sections of wefts and applying adhesive with a hot glue gun even before the manufacturers started to create pre-tipped or pre-bonded strands. These small sections of hair going in made it so much easier for the client to camouflage the extensions. If done correctly, it reduced tension. The downside: it was a time killer for both the client/stylist and the hair was not reusable.

This created quite a divide in the hair extension world….wefts vs. strands. While wefts never completely disappeared from the market, they weren’t nearly as popular until new application techniques were created. I-tips, beaded strands, beaded wefts etc. combined the convenience and re-usability of wefts with the versatility of strands. The problem was that most of these techniques were either damaging or used inferior quality hair.

Introducing On Stage Hair Extensions….the solution! Superior quality hair with a unique and unrivaled application technique that is both efficient and non-damaging. I’ve never been more excited to introduce a product to my clients and students. Our reusable, high quality hair is available in multiple lengths, textures and application methods – making it the most versatile product on the market today.

–Bernard Ory

Stylist, Salon Owner and National Educator

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