Installing Onstage Beaded Strand™ Hair Extensions

proper way to install damage free micro link hair extensions

1. Take a section
Sections should be straight and rectangular in shape, being slightly higher than the width of the section. Stay close to the Onstage Hair Extensions width.

how to attach micro link hair extensions

2. Thread through the loop
Stick your thumb and index finger through the loop and pull the natural hair section through it.

how to attach microlink remy hair extensions

3. Pull the loop down
Slide the Micro Link upwards while pulling the loop down. You will feel the hair between your fingers being pulled through.

how to install damage free hair extensions

4. Crimp the Micro Link
Grab the Micro Link with the Transformer LW, slide it upwards and give it one good squeeze. The strand becomes wider than the Onstage Hair Extension diameter and therefore cannot slip back through it. The Onstage Hair Extension itself does not hold any hair. It rests on top of the Micro Link and doesn’t add any stress to the natural hair.

how to install beaded link hair extensions

5. Ready
View from above and underneath. The Micro Link fits snug in the soft Onstage Hair Extension.

how to install hair extensions

6. All Done

Removing Onstage Beaded Strand™ Hair Extensions

1. Open the Micro Link
Place the crimped Micro Link cross wise in the first hole of the Transformer LW.

2. Squeeze gently
Just squeeze gently to open the link, and it will slide out without leaving any residue behind.